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Crispy Corn Kebabs | Instant Snacks Recipe | Best Indian Appetizer Recipe | Kanak’s Kitchen


Today I am going to show you an excellent tried and tested flavourful vegeterian kebabs that is corn kebabs These are simple a blend of corn, mashed potatoes with other fresh herbs and flavours, which are bind together and then they are fried or baked.

So let’s see how to prepare these beautiful appetizer that is perfect for any kind of gatherings. So over to my kitchen to see what you need for this. Ingredients Here I have got a up of boiled sweet corns The water from this is strained completely I am going to transfer this into the blender and just keep a few tablespoons for later use.

Now blend this for a few seconds without using any water just to coarsely crush the corns. Transfer this into a large bowl Next goes in the boil and grated potatoes Add in the onions, capsicum, and the ginger green chillies, salt, black pepper powder, some garam masala, mint leaves, coriander leaves and the lemon juice. Here I have a slice of bread Soak it in water, then crush it with the help of hands Put in the remaining boiled corns Put very little rice flour and the gram flour Mix everything well until it all comes together The mixture shouls be relatively dry If you find it to be too sticky, you can add in some more rice flour to it. Now let this mixture rest in the refrigerator just for 10-12 minutes so that it firms up Now take a small portion of the mixture with the help of your greased hands, here I am using the icecream stick You can simply use some skewers or simply make without the sticks as well.

This will help in giving nice fancy look to the kebab. Pat the mixture onto the stick Try to make an oblong shaped kebab Press it evenly all around Now this is ready Keep doing this for all of them Now this entire batch of kebabs is ready Heat oil for frying, lower the kebabs into the hot oil Fry them for about 2-3 minutes or until they turn golden brown and crispy all over Remove them and place them on a kitchen towel So my crispy and golden brown corn kebabs are ready They look quite beautiful with the ice cream sticks in it Here I have deep fried them, if you want you can simply make small or bigger patties out of it Shallow fry these on a non stick pan They work great for burgers or sliders If you are a calorie conscious person, you can bake or grill them as well.

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