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Crunchy Korean fried chicken recipe (Dakgangjeong: 닭강정)


Good day each person!

In these days i’m making Korean fried hen. Sweet and crunchy crunchy! Korean title is dakgangjeong.

What? You made dakgangjeong with my historical recipe? 5 years in the past, I uploaded my dakgangjeong recipe. However modern day recipe is special version of dankgangjeong which is less complicated, faster, what else? Delicious! When you are making this for any occasion – potluck get together, household getting collectively, or super Bowl party you’re going to get a lot of lot of concentration and compliments. I assurance! We’d like bird! That’s fowl wing. Gigantic bundle is extra rate amazing rate. I normally buy this and cut this in half.

You ought to use any hen: chunks of hen, hen drumsticks reduce it in 1/2 and you will have to make use of this. Wash a few events in bloodless water. Wash your chopping board, very easy. Half of teaspoon salt. Flooring black pepper. Ginger one teaspoon range. Combine like this utilising your both fingers.

We wish starch. So potato starch i am making use of. You should utilize additionally corn starch. So 1/3 cup. Separately coat every chook piece very lightly like this. We’d like more potato starch yet another one 1/3 cup, so whole two 1/3 cup. On the backside slightly bit watery stuff and leftover starch powder, safely. Now all protected very beautifully And now we are going to fry this. At gift i’ll use grapeseed oil. We’re going to do double fry. You understand all my fried hen and fried meals is double fried.

Contributors are asking me why you double fry? While you fry the primary time it seems very crispy, however finally it appears soggy additionally most likely the chicken might not be cooked fully that is why I normally double fry always fowl is excellent well cooked also somewhat somewhat crunchy. So that’s my secret! Like this! I cooked this for 12 minutes and now it appears rather crunchy. Let’s take it out. Subsequent batch! You see a lot of bubbes? It is very horrifying, right? After which on the backside there is some starch. Without difficulty stir this together with your tongs like that. And then we will make it chill out. I must 2nd fry now. I’ll little cut back the warmness in view that specially scorching. So it is splash! And i’m going to add this one too, together. I’ll prepare sauce now. 4 cloves garlic. About one and 1/2 tablespoon. And that is not obligatory however Iike to furnish a tip: pink pepper! Dried crimson pepper i’m utilising. Seeds, get rid of the seeds like this.

Adequate let’s determine out our bird! On the bottom section is fairly golden brown but excessive phase shouldn’t be but. So we must flip it over. You see my pot is small, however whilst you guys have a massive pot and extra oil after which it’s going to be rather useful. That you may fry all of them together. What we desire is precise actual crunchy. I alternatively do not just like the chook that’s not crunchy. This fashion you are making this unless day after at present it’s going to be crunchy. Fry these guys besides it turns like a rock! However within it have to be fairly juicy. You would consider this crunchiness with the tip of your tongs. Like this after which – chucku chucku – sound, that signifies that actual actual crunchy outside within is juicy. Rather best! Adequate let’s take them out one by one. Is not it golden brown precisely? Primarily great. That’s non-obligatory however i admire in an effort to add some nuts right here, so i will use peanuts. Make it additional crispy. And 30 seconds which you would fry this. Color trade to white. Good ample donel watch out! I’m going to transfer this to the range.

Let’s make sauce! Cooking oil circular 2 tablespoon. Garlic and dried red pepper. And stir this. Oh! Spicy scent! Soy sauce! Quarter cup. Mulyeot half of cup. I’ll minimize the warmness. And vinegar. 1tbs vinegar will make this sauce fairly tasty. Tangy! I found out just a little bit of mustard sauce make this sauce as an alternative unique. Oops! 1tb. Combo is spicy and slightly garlicy. Turn it up a bit of bit To make it extra candy and shiny one tbs brown sugar. That is it. Wow wow! And peanuts! Enough. Wow. Appears high-quality. Applied! Sesame seeds.Oh my. OH MY! I need beer! Cheers everybody! K let me kind it! *CRUNCH* Mmm! Oh my God! Crunchy external, within juicy delicate. Smooth. And it may be like candy.


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