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How to make Mexican Coffee | Mexican Coffee Recipes


A heat cocktail ideal for bloodless temperatures, Mexican espresso combines Tequila, Kahlua, ice cream and coffee in a uniquely scrumptious pairing. Today, we will show you methods to make Mexican espresso utilising OneCup Breakfast combination coffee from San Francisco Bay coffee and your Keurig at-dwelling brewing approach. For this recipe, you’ll be able to additionally want 1/2 oz. Tequila, oz. Kahlua and cup vanilla ice cream, ignored at room temperature to melt. Begin by inserting a OneCup Breakfast combo espresso into your Keurig machine to brew one cup of espresso. Next, add the melted vanilla ice cream, the Tequila and the Kahlua to the mug. Stir the ingredients together. Transport yourself to hotter locale with delicate and creamy Mexican espresso. And the first-class part of the OneCup Single Serve espresso from San Francisco Bay espresso is that it’s ninety seven{4e7624e6fbd255f61b8592d7ef457ddbe91293687f3a5101741fd11f4a0bec03} biodegradable, toss it in the trash with a transparent judgment of right and wrong. For those who Like this espresso Recipe believe free to share, provide us thumb up or remark.

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